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Challenge One Voting!

Thank you all for supporting the first challenge at spn_provenance! There are some awesome entries - it's going to make voting extremely difficult!

What we've done to make sure voting is as anonymous as possible is to gather the entries together in an LJ scrapbook (which will be deleted once voting is complete). Each category has its own gallery, so please take a look through all the entries and vote for a first and second place in each category.

The links below will take you to each category's gallery, clicking on each thumbnail will give you the larger view and the 'number' to use to vote for that wallpaper.

Episodic ~ Promotional ~ Theme: Firsts




Theme: Firsts

Best Overall

Comments are screened so if anything doesn't make any sense just give a holler and I'll try to answer!

Voting will close on the 14th May with winners being announces as soon as possible thereafter.
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